Financial Agreements

seek independent legal advice if you think a Financial Agreement which you are a party to should be set aside

A binding Financial Agreement are a means for couples, whether married or de facto, to set out the way some of all of the couple’s assets will be divided in the event that their relationship breaks down.

Buying Properties with unapproved renovations

Buying Properties

Many properties may have some forms of renovations or additions done such as a granny flat, pergola, shed, swimming pool, as well as possible conversions a garage into a living room. Under section 52A(2)(b) of Conveyancing Act 1919, Vendors are required to warrant that there is no building or structure included in the sale of the property that is subject to “upgrading or demolition order” of the local Council.

Proposed changes to NSW stamp duty

NSW Stamp Duty

NSW Stamp duty is a tax charged by state and territory governments on property purchases, calculated based on the value of the property and paid at the time of purchase. On 21 June 2022, the New South Wales Government has announced plans to make some stamp duty optional. The June State Government Budget included a new policy referred as First Home Buyer Choice Scheme to offer first home buyers the choice to pay a one-off lump sum tax (‘stamp duty’) or an annual land tax when purchasing homes under a certain value. This annual land tax will be similar to local government rates.

Residential Property, know your cooling-off rights.

Residential Cooling-off period

Contracts of sale are exchanged when the buyer’s offer has been accepted by the seller and two identical contracts have been signed by both. However, a property is not considered sold until the buyer has paid the 10% deposit of the purchase price to the seller since the buyer is able to rescind the contract during the cooling-off period.

Mastering the transition to the courtroom with mooting competitions

Alliance Lawyers

For soon-to-be lawyers excited to take their legal careers into the courtroom, there’s nothing better to prepare them for it than mooting competitions. In a chat with Protégé, one leading law student talks about the benefits to advocacy in university. From representing Team Australia in Japan’s top international negotiation competition through to preparing for the […]