No Fault Motor Vehicle Accident Case Study.

not at fault motor vehicle accident

The Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017 (MAIA 2017) introduced a new system that provides for statutory benefits to an injured person in a motor vehicle accident no matter who was at fault.

The court in this case ruled that since Mr Singh was not at fault and because his injuries are non-minor, he should be entitled to statutory benefits after the initial 26 weeks.

Top 5 Causes of Motor vehicle Accidents.

top 5 causes of accidents

Top 5 causes of motor vehicle accidents. There are many reasons why motor vehicle accidents occur. Here we analyse the top 5 causes of motor vehicle accidents to reduce deaths and injuries. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs Although authorities have taken extreme measures to help reduce the amount of people driving under […]

CTP Claim Settled for $550k

CTP Claim

Book a free consultation today…. For All Personal Injury Claims call us for free advice and recommendation on 02 8764 1776 or email Client settled for $550,000 after motorcycle accident CTP Claim settled. Our client Mr C was involved in a motor vehicle accident injury sustained in 2019.  He visited a self- storage facility […]