A guide to medical misdiagnosis claims

guide to medical misdiagnosis claims

Medical misdiagnosis occurs when a medical practitioner fails to diagnose a medical condition or wrongfully diagnoses a patient with the wrong condition.

Personal Injury Commission Review Victory…

Personal Injury Claim Appeal

Ms S was injured in an accident in June 2020.  She was riding her bicycle on the footpath when a car reversing from a driveway collided with her.  The car hit her bike on her right-hand side and our client fell onto her left side.

Social media is the new surveillance

Social Media Surveillance

Social Media Surveillance is a tool for investigators of all professions. Its also now being used in Personal Injury Claims.

Personal injury can be life changing and can happen including motor vehicle accidents, environmental accidents, work related accidents and various forms of negligence. As a result of an accident, there is some form of physical and psychological injury to victims. The seriousness of the injuries depends on how soon they can recover and go on with their lives.

Hit and Run Accident

Hit and run accident

If you were injured on a road in New South Wales as a result of the fault of an unidentified vehicle or an unregistered vehicle, you may be eligible to make a claim under the Nominal Defendant scheme. The Nominal Defendant substitute the person you would have sued against when you make a compensation claim. […]

Bitten by a Dog… what can you do?

dog bite compensation

Book a free consultation today…. Who can you claim against? Bitten by a dog? If you have been attacked by a dog, you may make a claim against the owner of the dog. Under section 7 of Companion Animals Act 1998, persons are owner of an animal if they are: The person who owns the […]

COVID-19 Response Bill 2020


The Hon. Bill Johnston MLA, Minister for Industrial Relations, introduced a Bill into Parliament on 24 June 2020 that amends the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981. The Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Amendment (COVID-19 Response) Bill 2020 addresses a small number of priority issues in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The priority changes […]