Accrual of leave on workers compensation: Your go to guide

Image of person calculating leave entitlements for workers compensation

In Australia, compensation payments may affect your entitlement to standard pre-injury employment benefits. This article covers the availability of different types of leave in NSW when on workers compensation, and how access to leave benefits may differ from state to state. 

Guide to Weekly Payments for Workers Compensation

Weekly payments form a major part of the NSW workers compensation scheme and aim to compensate an injured worker for their loss of income over the course of recovery. 

As an injured worker, the amount you can receive on a weekly basis and the period during which they are entitled to payments depends on a number of factors including the extent of your injury, your income before you got injured, as well as your ability to submit on time relevant documentation and applications to your insurer.

Stress Leave and Workers’ Compensation in NSW

Two weeks of paid leave may not provide enough time to some employees to return to work in a psychologically improved or capable state. Although Australian employers do not offer paid leave for recovery from stress, you may be able to claim for any additional time you spend managing your mental health when the symptoms you experience are serious or enduring and caused directly by your work.

Independent Medical Examination (IME): Workers Compensation NSW

This image depicts a doctor with a patient drafting up an Independent Medical Examination report for workers compensation.

A worker’s compensation claim involves a number of steps before the insurer delivers their decision. During this process, you may be referred for an independent medical examination. In this article, we’ll look at what this kind of appointment involves, and why it is required.

Can I reopen a workers compensation claim in NSW?

It’s not too late. Even if your injury happened long ago, you can still reopen a workers compensation claim in NSW and receive payments. The main issue is evidence, not time. To be eligible for workers compensation, you need to show that your workplace injury relates to your current condition.

Don’t worry if it sounds overwhelming. We understand the system and are here to help you navigate it. The first step is to identify the reason for reopening your workers compensation claim.