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Our client had migrated to Australia in 2006 and upon arrival she immediately started to work in a manual role.  When she arrived in Australia, she had no education or training for any particular type of work. She left High School in Vietnam and had gone straight into employment, without furthering her education. Her parents could not afford for her to continue education and not work and earn for the family.

Throughout her years in Australia, she remained in different manual roles with different employers until she had commenced employment in a factory sometime in August 2016.

Of course, her role was again a physical role doing labouring work as a factory hand/process worker.  Without further training and education and not knowing how to speak, read or write in English, her employment roles were restricted to physical, manual labouring type of work. At the factory where she was working, the process of transporting items within their floors was the use of trolleys. The trolleys were high standing at shoulder height or even higher for some. They were also ageing and many of them required maintenance or replacement, however for cost purposes this was not done by the employer.

To our client’s misfortune, one of the trolleys had become off balance and tipped over and fell on top of her.  She had sustained a significant back injury as a result.

Rightly so the workers compensation insurer had accepted her workers compensation claim and with that, we were able to ensure our client received ongoing weekly compensation payments, all costs associated with rehabilitation and treatment and an impairment lump sum payment as well.

As our client had a significant impairment as a result of the accident, we were also able to pursue a Work Injury Damages claim (Common Law Claim) for her.  Once all her claims had been finalised, the insurer had contributed towards close to $550,000.00 in compensation in favour of our client.

At Alliance Compensation Lawyers we always strive to ensure that our clients receive maximum compensation at each step of the process.  In this particular case, our client received her full entitlements for weekly compensation payments and she did not have to use her money for any associated medical treatment as these were all paid for by the workers compensation insurer.  Further, she had the benefit of a lump sum payment for her impairment and finally she received damages (compensation) for the Work Injury Damages claim (Common Law negligent claim).

As we strive to ensure maximum compensation with minimal stress on claimants, we are not surprised that many people are engaging us at Alliance Compensation & Litigation Lawyers to assist them in their respective claims. book a free consultation today.

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