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If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident, then you may be entitled to compensation — you need a team that understands your plight and stands with you in solidarity and care. At Alliance Compensation & Litigation Lawyers, we merge top-notch legal advice with a heartfelt approach, helping you through these tough times to secure the justice and compensation you rightly deserve

I’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident. What now?

injured in a motor vehicle accident

Being injured in a motor vehicle accident is a very stressful time, and many people aren’t quite sure what they should do next. These are the following steps you should take:


  1. Gather as much detail as you can following the accident. This could be capturing photos of the accident, and personal information of the other party involved in the accident
  2. File a police report and retrieve a Police Event number, this can be done while the police are at the accident or you can go to a police station to do so.
  3. Seek immediate medical attention as this will help provide medical reports of your injuries that can be used in your claim
  4. Reach out to our Accredited Specialist Motor Vehicle Lawyers to start your compensation claim.

What compensation am I entitled to for a Motor Vehicle Accident?

It’s important to understand what are the different types of compensation you are eligible for if you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident. Below is a list of things that you can expect to claim:

Income support via weekly payments:
If you've lost income due to your motor vehicle accident, you may be eligible for weekly payments to help cover the loss of earnings during your recovery period.
Medical Expenses
This compensation covers the cost of medical treatment, including hospital fees, rehabilitation costs, and any ongoing healthcare needs resulting from the accident.
Pain and suffering:
If you've experienced significant pain and suffering due to your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for the physical and emotional distress caused by the accident.
Commercial care & domestic assistance:
If your injuries require you to seek commercial care services or assistance with domestic tasks you can no longer perform, this compensation helps cover these additional expenses.
Permanent impairment:
In cases where the accident results in permanent physical or mental impairment, you may be entitled to an additional lump sum payment.

It’s important to note that if your injury is considered a threshold injury, you are only entitled to benefits for up to 12 months (excluding lump sum payment). If your injury is above the threshold then the duration you receive these benefits are extended.

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We provide legal advice and formulate a plan to progress your matter


Execute our plan

We execute our plan, monitor the progress and strive for resolution of your matter

Why Choose Alliance Compensation & Litigation Lawyers as your motor vehicle accident lawyer?

We understand that dealing with the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re more than just your lawyers; we’re your personal advocates for getting your life back on track. Our team has more than 14 years experience in the motor vehicle accidents space and have helped thousands of everyday Aussies with their claims.

Accredited Specialist
Our team includes accredited specialists in motor vehicle accident law, ensuring you receive top-tier, expert legal advice.
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With our 'No Win, No Fee' policy, you can have peace of mind knowing that our services are risk-free and focused on your success.
We come to you
Understanding your situation, we offer the convenience of coming to you, making legal support accessible no matter your circumstances.
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This compensation covers the cost of medical treatment, including hospital fees, rehabilitation costs, and any ongoing healthcare needs resulting from the accident.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A motor vehicle accident encompasses any incident where vehicles collide or lose control, affecting drivers, passengers, or bystanders. It’s not just cars; motorcycles, trucks, buses, bicycles, and even pedestrians are involved.

These accidents can result from various factors, such as driver error, mechanical failures, poor road conditions, or environmental challenges like bad weather. Each incident has its unique context and consequences. For you, this might mean dealing with physical injuries, emotional trauma, and the financial burden of medical bills and car repairs.

But it’s more than that. It’s the disruption to your daily life, the impact on your work and family, and the long-term effects that might not be immediately apparent. That’s why understanding the full scope of a motor vehicle accident is vital for your recovery and any legal action you might take.

After an accident, the road to recovery can be daunting. A motor vehicle accident lawyer is not just a legal guide; we’re a pivotal part of your support system.

We help demystify legal jargon and processes, making sure you understand your rights and options. With our expertise, we assess not just visible losses but also future implications, like potential earnings lost or long-term medical care.

We’ll also be the buffer between you and the insurance companies, ensuring you’re not pressured into unfair settlements. If you’re not happy with the assessment by your insurer we’ll meticulously prepare your case, gather evidence, and reach out to any other relevant experts needed to strengthen your claim. 

You can definitely file your own claim, but you may run the risk of missing out on a big chunk of compensation and benefits you may not be aware of. We’re here to help guide and support you through this process to ensure you maximise your compensation. 

So in short, it definitely is well worth to get a lawyer to help with your motor vehicle claim.

We understand the going through a motor vehicle accident can be financially burdening, from seeking medical attention, to getting a new vehicle, or to even missing out on work. That is why we offer a “No Win, No Fee” meaning you’ll only have to pay us if we win your case and that you’ve received the compensation you’re entitled to. 

There is no risk in seeking legal advice with us early on. 

According to the Motor Accidents Injuries Regulation 2017, for claims valued below the threshold of $75,000 then the legal costs are payable by the CTP insurer – meaning you do not fork a single cent in legal fees. 

If the claim is valued over the threshold, we’ll provide you with a Cost Agreement which outlines the total cost payable to us after your claim has been finalised. 

Estimating the compensation for a motor vehicle accident depends on several factors. These include the severity of your injuries, the extent of property damage, loss of income, and the cost of ongoing medical treatment.

By having a solid understanding of the above, we’ll be able to provide a much more accurate estimation of the compensation you’ll like to receive. 

However, for threshold injuries, the amount of compensation you receive will be limited to 52 weeks. For injuries that are over the threshold, you can expect this to be extended. And if there is evidence that your above threshold injuries present a permanent impairment of over 10% then an additional lump sum payment can be paid to you.

The time frame for receiving compensation in a motor vehicle accident case varies. For straightforward cases with clear liability and minimal dispute, settlements can be reached in a few months.


However, more complex cases, especially those requiring extensive evidence gathering or court trials, can take longer, sometimes years. We’ll work diligently to expedite the process, ensuring that all necessary steps are taken efficiently and effectively.

The time limit to submit a motor vehicle accident claim is 28 days from the date of your accident. If you are not sure about the timelines of your accident or if you can still claim for a motor vehicle accident don’t be afraid to give us a call to discuss further.

Anyone affected by a motor vehicle accident is potentially eligible to make a claim. This includes drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, and even public transport users.

Families or dependents of those fatally injured in an accident can also file claims. The key is demonstrating the impact of the accident on your life, be it physical, emotional, or financial.

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