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We have assisted clients in claiming benefits as a result of their dependant who had passed away. This gives a sense of financial stability to help alleviate the emotional stress.

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Making a Claim

It is essential that where possible, as much information is collected as possible. Our experienced compensation lawyers can assist you with:

  • Identifying the life insurance policy under the superannuation fund
  • Analysing your potential claim according to the policy

To be eligible for the claim, you have to be a dependent of the deceased and had been financially dependent on the deceased. 

Dependants can include married partners, de-facto partners and children. 

Our experienced lawyers go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our clients get the best possible result.


“This gives a sense of financial stability to help alleviate the emotional stress"

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Our simple approach ensures that you receive an effective and professional service. We preserve your rights and entitlements to ensure a fair outcome.


Identify your Life Insurance Policy

We identify all policies under the deceased’s superannuation fund


Understand your rights under your policy

We analyse and give advice on all your entitlements of the life insurance policy


make a claim and monitor your progress

We make a claim on your behalf and monitor the progress

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