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No Win No Fee

What is it?

Our No Win – No Fee arrangement allows our clients access to justice and legal representation without the need to pay legal fees upfront. There is a perception that the legal fees are intimidating which is why not many people tend to pursue a claim. We have made this arrangement easier for clients.

If your claim is unsuccessful, you will not pay our professional fees.

Which areas of law are covered?

Our No Win – No Fee arrangement covers all of our personal injury related services, including:

  1.  Motor Vehicle Accident
  2. Workers Compensation
  3. Work Injury Common Law
  4. Public Liability
  5. Occupiers Liability
  6. Dust Disease and Asbestos Claims
  7. Comcare Claims
  8. Sports injury Claims
  9. Medical Negligence
  10. Defamation Claims

Limitations of No Win No Fee

Our No Win – No Fee arrangement are offered on a case-by-case basis. There are limitations that you must consider:

  1.  We must establish that the injury was not your fault and therefore, we must certify that there reasonable prospects of success
  2. While you will not pay for our professional fees if your claim is unsuccessful, this does not protect you from paying the other party’s costs
  3. You are obligated to fully cooperate with our firm and follow all reasonable advice that we provide to you
Please contact us to fully understand our No Win – No Fee policy.

We Come to you

We understand that you may have an injury or illness that prevents you from travelling. Our lawyers are equipped to travel so that we can make the process as convenient as possible for you.

Please contact our firm using the contact form or call us directly.

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Interpreter Service

We understand that the process can be quite complicated to understand due to the language barrier. We are able to organise an interpreter for non-English backgrounds so that we can fully understand your claim. Please let us know on whether you require an interpreter prior to meeting our firm.

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