$1 Million in successful TPD Payout

$1 Million in successful TPD

At Alliance Compensation & Litigation Lawyers, you are not just a file number. Our team of expert TPD lawyers are interested in getting to know you, your family and how your injuries have affected your life which inspires them to investigate your claim, gather the crucial evidence needed, and achieve the best outcome for you. 

Successful Client’s story:

Our client came to us for a lower back injury that he had suffered at work. At the time of his injury, he was 37 years of age who had been working as a store person for many years. He was the “bread-winner” of the family who was medically certified unfit and had remained off work for 3 months. His injuries had not only affected his life, but his family as well.

How Alliance Compensation & Litigation lawyers helped:

Our client initially came to us to seek legal advice for his Workers Compensation claim. He was completely unaware of his rights to make a TPD claim. We sought instructions from our client about his injuries and assisted with his claim as follows: –

Initial stages:

We obtained all the relevant information from our client’s superannuation fund, MLC Super. We discovered our client was covered for TPD benefit to the value of $1,000,000 and he was also covered for Income Protection insurance until age 65. We advised our client of his entitlements to lodge TPD as well as income protection claims.  

We gathered supporting evidence and prepared his claim for submission:

We collected supporting documents from third party providers such as treating GP, treating specialist, our client’s employer, and workers compensation insurer. His claim forms were carefully completed by one of our solicitors who is an expert in running TPD claims.

Throughout the process of his claim, we faced many complex legal and medical issues, especially, in answering the question of how our client meets the definition of “total and permanent disablement” when he is not in a wheelchair and can perform his daily activities independently. 

TPD claim successful:

Our client’s TPD claim was successful, and he received a payout of $1 million. At each step of the process, our client was kept informed and was advised of the next steps. At the conclusion of the claim, our client received his TPD payout and to this date, continues to receive his monthly income protection benefits. 

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We can help.
No win, no fee.

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